Green Life Remedy was first registered in 2014 by me (Gena Bybee).  The first formal release of my web site to the public was in December of 2016.

Gena Bybee

I have suffered migraines (2 to 4 a week) and physical muscle pains since I was involved in an automobile accident as a teen. I tried many things including prescription medicine, which did and does still work. Although I still use prescription meds, I don’t care for a number of the side effects and prefer to use them only as needed. 

Through essential oil blends being delivered effectively (ie inhalers, difusers, lotions, etc) , I found I was able to reduce the number of migraines and more effectively deal with them during the early onset and even when they were full blown.

Gena and Ruben

Gena and Ruben

In 2016, my husband almost died and became a double amputee.  The medications he has for pain often made him tired. The essential oils blends have helped him to rest better, feel more alert, and reduce the amount of medicine he takes for pain.

With proof the system worked, I handed out sample blends and found overwhelming support for these products helping others. With this I decided to start my own company offering custom essential oil blends, inhalers, roll-ons and other products to help people out.

I took online courses, followed recent research papers on essential oils, read and studied processes and blending, mixing and storage and safely using essential oils.  With the help of my husband we were able to create a safe working essential oils lab, where we could mix, weigh, and create precise essential oil blends which worked together.

Life Church, Walla Walla WA

Life Church – Walla Walla, Washington

Being a christian I love to help others out, so from the first mission statement I decided I wanted to give 5% to charity through Life Church WW, my church. I also decided that each product would include a free prayer and blessing. Everyone can use  a free prayer.

My husband, being a professional web developer and database programmer offered to help with any and all available tools he had. This included a custom proprietary blend management system,  secure online e-commerce, contest integration, our affiliates program, and more.  

Disclaimer – Of course due to Government rules, I cannot make specific claims. But I am able to include research and other information and love to find testimonial from people who have been helped.


Gena Bybee
Green Life Remedy